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beef broth/french onion soup/polish pork & beans/cucumber apple avocado salad


i was craving a childhood favorite, Soupe-a-lOignon-au-Fromage-French-Onion-Soup-and i wanted it to be really good, which means making the broth from scratch. i have never done this before so i set out to research a few recipes. being a vegetarian for many years, there are still a lot of meat things i’ve been intimidate by. after some research, i decided on emeril lagasse’s beef stock recipe. i used a combo of oxtail sawed by the butcher into half inch pieces, a few marrow bones & a shoulder. the recipe is simple but very time consuming. it took 6 hours & made a gallon & a half of incredible beef stock. enough to make 3 soups!

after chilling the stock, i removed all of the fat & saved it for cooking. check it out


i got busy on the french onion soup first. i cooked all day long because chicago is in the deep freeze right now and i was unable to leave my home & it’s too cold due to poor insulation. using the stove was an easy fix. onion soup is very simple. it’s mostly onions, butter & stock topped with toasted french bread & gruyere cheese. to my utter delight, it turned out delish.


the broth got me so excited i had visions of future bowls of pho & ramenโ€ฆ.alas i had a pound of dried navy beans & cooked them in a big casserole for a few hours. i ended up making what i call the yummy dried tomato paste, navy beans, kielbasa, applewood smoked bacon, & one entire head of roasted garlic. turned out fantastic! i called it my polish pork & beans.


in the meantime, i decided to make a salad with chopped cucumbers & apples with avocados in a home made anchovy dressing-anchovy paste mixed with olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper & garlic topped with some parmesan/gruyere cheese-DELISH!


as freezing as it is outside-50 below zero with wind chill-this food will last a few days if i get stranded at home. i’m not sure i’m gonna teach today. it’s just as cold today. but i’m SO glad i got all the ingredients before the predicted cold came. it’s been 27 years since we’ve had this kind of weather. nothing to do but knit, cook, watch tv & wait until the weather gets warm enough to go into. several people have died from this & tons went to the hospital for frozen injuries like frostbite. i hope to god i don’t have to deal with this today. yoga is not that important in my book. wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

avocado tomatillo gazpacho with thai chilis


this turned out amazing! easy, very healthy, vegan, super delish! i have a thai pepper plant that is currently getting harvested & i’m substituting them for anything that needs a kick. these are better than jalapenos or serranos-the burn is slow, long, & extremely tasty!

here are the cute peppers


of course you can use any kind of peppers. enjoy!

1 pound tomatillos, papery shells removed, rinsed

boil low for 10 minutes turning once, drain water & place in food processor till blended. press through a screen to remove seeds.

2 slices red or white onion-soak in cold water w/a little vinegar 5 minutes. rinse & chop.
2 to 3 garlic cloves, to taste
several chilis

pulverize the above & add to the tomatillo mixture. then add everything else-

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
5 fresh squeezed limes
2 large avocados chopped
one cucumber skinned, seeded & chopped
one bunch fine chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon whole cumin roasted & ground fresh
plenty of salt to taste
1.5 pounds of the best heirloom tomatoes chopped

pulverize, chill overnight or at least 2 hours. top with sour cream or yogurt! my new summer fave!

bonito miso mushroom soup

i’ve been on a diet so i went to the korean grocery to stock up. asian food is killer delish & unbelievably healthy. massive bags of fresh shitake shrooms. check. dark bonito miso. check. 7 kinds of exotic dried mushrooms. probably 50 kinds of seaweed frozen, dried & fresh. live conch. all kinds of crabs & shrimps. every liquid & spice you need. it’s all there and practically free. 2 lbs of strawberries for a buck fifty. chopped em, put honey on them & put in freezer for future smoothies. not before eating a couple bowls first.

anyhow, i was jones’in for some nice rich mushroom soup. it came together perfectly. i steamed some 10 grains (also SO cheap) & added for extra bulk. here is the recipe

5 bulbs garlic
1 inch ginger

-pulvarize together. cook in some veg. oil till golden. then add

1 carrot skinned & chopped small
1/2 cup assorted dried mushrooms soaked in 4 cups boiled water for half hour (keep the broth) chopped very small (i used morels, shitake & porcini)
2-3 giant fresh shitake (or whatever you like) sliced thin
3 T. fish sauce
3 T. soy sauce
3 T. any kind of miso

cook until carrots begin to soften, 15 minutes. soft cook-try not to boil.

then add

the broth from the dried mushrooms, & 2 cups of any kind of stock.

cook another 20 minutes or so. then add a few dashes of

sesame oil
1/2 cup fine chopped scallions
1 cup chopped spinach or any kind of seaweed

cook 10 more minutes.

it’s good alone or with some grains/brown or white rice. i think soba would also be nice.

itkadake masu !!!

kale & cannellini soup

this month’s issue of bon appetite is great. this is a soup made from a greens recipe, so it’s 2 meals in one. first i had to make cannellini beans with kale. i used navy beans because that’s what i had. 3/4 of it is used to make the kale & cannellini soup. it’s a wonderful simple vegetarian greens recipe. especially if you use local kale. it’s much softer than the stuff they use for decorating salad bars.

i purchased my very first bottle of truffle oil just for this soup.

it’s drizzled over the soup, over a toasted baguette & fresh shaved parmesean reggiano cheese.


fabulous flavor-very different from anything i’ve ever made before. the kale with the sage is a winner. don’t forget the croutons-it’s a very important part of the flavor. if you are veg or simply looking to add some dark leafy greens to your diet, this is your soup. it’s also perfect for fall weather.

bon appetit ๐Ÿ™‚

moroccan lentil soup

i LOVE lentils. they are packed with nutrients, fat free & delish. i once went on a diet of only lentils & lost a lot of weight. but that’s not why i cook them. this is an AWESOME recipe that is more indian than moroccan. it uses fresh roasted & ground spices, which i have a lot of. like garam masala & roasted cumin. i put a LOT more spices than the recipe calls for, used real stock instead of water & my new favorite friend – the pressure cooker – to cook dried beans instead of canned is a MUST. i used french green kidney beans which are nice & sweet-a great compliment. this was eaten up quickly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

moroccan lentil soup

herbed matzo ball soup with tuscany egg noodles

i have been making matzo ball soup for years. it’s really fun & very delicious. yesterday’s broasted chicken stock turned out so savory & dark from the herbed chickens i was very excited to make the balls today. it’s pretty simple, but takes patience cause it can take awhile.

i love herbs in the balls, so i went with the miniature leek & chive matzo balls. except i used green onions instead of leeks. one key ingredient is ginger ale. always in the recipe for some reason-i think it acts like sodium bicarbonate. i wondered if baking soda could be used. and i use real european butter instead of margerine because i’m not a kosher jew. well, i’m actually not jewish at all but i worked for 7 years in jewish delis & came to adore the food. i’m damn good at making authentic rugulah as well. it’s been tested on actual jews & they told me they would be proud to serve them to their mothers.

that’s a HUGE compliment.

after you make the matzo batter, it has to sit in the fridge for a few hours. then formed into balls & set for another 30 minutes, boiled for 40 more, & then finally added & cooked into the broth.

i bought this bag of $9 italian egg noodles to put in as well. i was SO proud of the stock i felt it deserved a nice noodle. this comfort food is never over filling. it’s all about the stock. and a good herbed matzo ball never hurt. nor bronze-drawn & slow dried egg pasta from tuscany.

this turned out to be the very finest batch & best matzos i’ve made to date. i guess i’m on a roll

autumn mushroom soup with sour cream

1 oz dried chanterelles
1 oz dried porcini
1 oz dried oyster mushrooms
8 oz fresh crimini
2 small yellow onions
2 small yellow potatoes
4 cloves garlic sliced thin
olive oil
4 cups veggie stock
1/2 cup orzo
sour cream-optional

soak the dried mushrooms in 1 cup warm water for 20 minutes. dice the onions & fry in oil 10 minutes, add garlic, potatoes & fresh mushrooms. de-glaze with mushroom water. fine chop dried mushrooms & add with some butter, salt, pepper, & thyme. cook 20 minutes. add stock & cook covered 30 more minutes. add orzo, cook 10 minutes. top with sour cream-mix it in before eating. not necessary, but it makes it really special.

this is very simple, light & very delish.