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black garlic hummus !!!


we have an awesome outdoor market called green city market that i LOVE to hang out & shop at first thing in the morning-7am-before the massive crowds show up. i can only hit a few stalls per visit because it’s SO overwhelming. yesterday i saw little virgin bloody marys that had a piece of black stuff on a pick. i pulled one out & quietly sipped. i was being watched by the vendors. i sniffed the black thing, so interesting, & chomped down. i heard a chorus of angels in my head. it was my first taste of black garlic ! and i HAD to have more. it’s not cheap-around $3/bulb, but i bought 2 & a jar of the puree, which sells out fast. i have never tasted anything like it. it completely blew my head off.

i couldn’t wait to run home & make the most obvious dish with it-hummus. i used a basic recipe & increased the garlic from 2 cloves to an entire bulb of the black garlic. i wanted tons of that incredible flavor which is nothing like regular garlic. i can’t even describe what it reminds me of because it’s totally in a league of it’s own.

the hawks playoff game against the kings would be on in the evening & black garlic hummus was the PERFECT game nosh. it turned out totally amazing! seriously the very best hummus i have ever had! i used plentils-little lentil chips instead of pita. it worked perfectly.

i will never be the same again.


simple hummus

i used to make 50 gallons of hummus at a time when i worked at an old-school health food store called “foodworks,” many years ago. i remembered the recipe. it’s hard to get it good with dried garbanzos, so i usually use canned. this time i was intending on using the garbanzos in another dish & changed my mind. i did manage to get it to a good consistancy. here’s how i did it.

soak 1-2 cups garbanzos for 36 hours
pressure cook 2 hours, let stand an hour, cook another hour, let stand 8 hours.

combine in food processor with
half a cup tahini paste
juice of one lemon
handful of chopped parsley
3-8 cloves of minced garlic (all depends how much you like garlic-i like to roast it first)
tablespoon roasted cumin
salt & pepper to taste

after blended well, slowly add the olive oil while it’s processing.

you can do so much with this basic recipe-add hot chilis, different kinds of spices, etc.

apologies for the bad photo. my camera is dying.