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pecan brittle & world’s best strawberry butter cookies


a friend gave me sweet pecans from his mother. so i made pecan brittle. i’ve never made candy before & was surprised how good it turned out despite substituting some of the corn syrup with molasses, which is probably a better idea anyhow.

i would have to say the hardest thing about making this is it that it is physically demanding. you have to constantly stir it & it gets like caramel, which takes strength to handle. i’m looking forward to doing this again with variations. i have tons of pecans left. hand made candy is the best xmas gift.


i continued my baking roll & made worlds best butter cookies & topped a fraction of them with my home made strawberry preserves.

i swear there’s nothing sweeter than spending all day in the kitchen.

norwegian butter cookies

i had a surprisingly hard time finding a good xmas cookie recipe. one that had tons of flavor & could be rolled. even though this recipe requires the “press” method, i chose it based on the amount of butter-3/4 pound. i used plugra.

enough said.
norwegian butter cookies pretty much rock. i have these guitar shaped cookie cutters & left the colonel to the artistic part. i call these the “special edition” nordic butter cookies. but my favorite of all is his cookie that i could wear as jewelry