over 12 years without an oven, i still manage to cook almost anything using electric burners, a toaster oven and 2 dorm refridgerators. i’ve traveled in asia a lot & notice that no one else seems to miss the giant american/european ovens & iceboxes. i cook what i love to eat, which means some tough challenges, such as indian food, mexican, japanese, thai & american. i lean in the vegetarian direction simply because i learned to cook without meat, so it’s easy for me to get flavor without using it. however, i am not against using it & am learning, recently fileting my first catfish. i created this blog out of curiosity for wordpress & because many of my blog posts from my other blog and this earlier blogwere going in the direction that revealed the true cooking geek that i am.

on august 27th, 2009, i created “a taste of the fry.”