a friend wanted to try a babi-gulang style indonesian spice rub on a 5 lb pork shoulder. he used fresh galangal root, ginger, turmeric & other spices. i was in charge of sides & so i went to the farmer’s market & asparagus is still very much in season. it’s always best to work with seasonal & local for optional flavor.


i did an insane soup with asparagus last week & the flavor was so strong & asparagusy. (i know that’s not a word) it was successfully thickened with a sweet potato. i did not expect that to taste good but it did. of course i use black garlic in everything now.

i wanted the flavors all to match so i decided on asian asparagus. i threw in radish greens from my garden. i got some radishes from container garden.


i chopped them up with other local veggies-carrots, romaine, mizuma, cucumber, heirloom gold tomatoes & used an asian peanut butter i made a week ago for chicken satay sausage & turned it into this peanut dressing, which was a standout.

local fingerling potatoes surrounding the roast provided the starch, even though traditionally rice would have been the choice.

summer is here & weekend cooking parties will officially be in full swing at my house. come on over!