so i’m still finding ways to use my big piece of baccalao from sicily via j.p. grazianos.


i asked a friend who is of italian origin & he told me about a standard french dish you spread on toasted baguette with potatoes, garlic & cream. there are many variations but since i haven’t made it before, i decided to start with a basic recipe-brandade de morue au gratin-Jacques Pépin’s recipe.

it’s basically whipped potatoes & salt cod topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, baked, & served on toasted bread. there are many steps to this, although the ingredients are basic & simple. it calls for the cod to soak only a day. mine was soaked for several days, changing the water often which removes all of the salt.

when i tasted the final product-it does not call for salt-it needed salt. and i understand now why-it gets all of it’s salt flavor from the cod. one day soaking will keep the cod extremely salt heavy. the minute i figured this out, i added italian seasoned salt & it worked. the consistency is almost like paste-very heavy & strange. an acquired taste for sure but worth trying!

carrying a 3 lb. dried salt cod fish in my backpack all over downtown proved to be a learning experience for sure! i still have 1/3 left. stay tuned for the next salt cod recipe!