i get tasting table in my email box each day.  and dirty rice was discussed.  i had leftover rice from the previous “smothered okra” dish i did twice in a row-second time around i used very special crumbly hot links & jumbo shrimp i cleaned & deveined myself.  believe me.  it’s more work but worth it.  turned out perfect!  wanna see?




ok, so dirty rice is kind of fun to make.  it’s a daily dish in nola.  and you can always expect to make a roux.  so i went to a local bbq smoker & got the smoked brisket, chopped it myself & got their carolina sauce-a vinegary spicy instead of the cayenne & used a spanish onion instead of scallions.  other than that, i pretty much followed this recipe to the T.


in the kitchen with isaac toupes of in nola