i’m off on fridays. this is recent & i’ve turned it into a major cooking/baking day, usually starting early in the morning. i woke up to a fb recipe post by the lovely show-me-the-curry ladies for chai-tea. i have a cupboard full of indian spices-many which are whole-that i wanted to use up, so i made the spice mix. i dragged out my mortar & pestle & went to work. it’s hard work-those indian ladies do it all day long. they are all buff. then i put it all through the coffee grinder & sifted it. it makes a lot.

you can use the powder to make many things like chai masala tea cake. i had everything except walnuts, subbed pistachios, & brown sugar, subbed molases. it worked perfectly!

best served warm with a dollop of european butter!

SO good šŸ™‚