i’ve been trying to create the healthiest snacks for dogs. i used to have a dehydrater (i was a raw foodist for awhile) & did not know you could easily dehydrate in your own oven. so i did some research, hung a few slices of quality beef & pork on some skewers in my oven for 8 hours at the lowest temp.


i’m thrilled about this because it opens a lot of possibilities. there are so many varieties of sweet potato, which are very good for dogs. i purchased 4 kinds at a local food co-op & did a few thin crisp (for smaller dogs) and a few thick & chewy for uma type of dogs.


just slice, lay on pan & put oven on lowest heat-mine goes to 170. you can crack the door open to keep it less intense if you like. this is really awesome because the bags of sweet potato chips for dogs costs over 10 bucks, which is really pricy for what it is-a potato. i plan on concentrating on these types of treats for awhile. i would love to try all kinds of meats & fish (for my cat) to hang & dehydrate. i love having a better choice of what i choose to feed my dogs.