someone asked me to make a healthy snack for him & his wife because he does not have a dog & wanted to purchase treats from me. i was puzzled because i don’t usually make “healthy” baked items for humans. so i decided to research some granola bar recipes & decided to use alton brown’s recipe. it is chock full of various dried fruits, seeds, nuts & oats. and not very easy to make.

the first batch looked great


but it all stuck to the pan. i had to scrape it out & turn it into cookies. so i began once again-this time adding an egg to help bind the mixture together & parchment paper so i could just lift it all out when it is cooled & cut it into squares. make sure you also do this if you choose to make this.


i basically spent several hours trying to get these right because someone would be buying them from me. i had no idea what to charge because the ingredients make this very expensive to make. so i brought 2 to him, thinking that i would gift them & see if he liked them first.

after all of that work, he never showed up to receive them. i gave them to my mgr. & the desk aid. the rest is for my husband.

i don’t like people who ask me to do something for them & then blow me off. i will not be baking for him again. that being said, i have conqured the granola bar, which can be modified in all kinds of ways. it’s a great food to have around for someone who needs a healthy snack. my husband wins this time.