IMG_0589 i had a lovely super long andoullie sausage from our local butcher & have been fascinated with sweet potatoes lately. i really thought these could work together pretty well in a comfort-food kind of way. i was right! sweet & spicy surprise!

2 large cebollitos or 1 med. white onion or leeks
olive oil
2 cups stock or water
1 cup dried fava beans, skins removed, soaked overnight.
5 thick cut pieces bacon
2 large sweet potatoes
4 andoullie sausages
1/2 bulb garlic roasted
salt, white pepper, adobo, cajun seasoning to taste

cook the fava beans in water about an hour. drain & return beans to pot.
slice the potatoes lengthwise & set skin side up on a foil pan. coat with oil & bake at 400 for half hour. set aside to cool. add to fava pot. puree. add the stock/water & cook.

fry the bacon in some oil till brown & pull out meat. set aside. thin slice the onions & fry till soft. slice the sausage & fry with the removed bacon. squeeze out the roasted garlic & add spices. cook 10 minutes. add to the pot. cover & cook 45 minutes low. add stock/water. increase if you want it thinner. it’s pretty thick but i really liked it that way. the fava beans make the texture really great. i used these beans the last time i made chili. they are nutty, light & delightful!

this is really comforting & tasty. cheap & easy!