IMG_0575 i have been using beets lately. and had leftover roasted beets as well as thick bacon & fresh spinach. it inspired me to make a dog biscuit.

-1/4 lb. bacon
-1 cup fresh spinach slivered
-2 sm-med beets roasted 350 90 minutes wrapped in foil with skin on-remove after cooling
-2 eggs at room temperature
-1/2 cup golden flax meal
-1/2 t. salt
-1 t. baking soda
-1-2 cups flour-oat, rice, wheat, any kind you like

preheat oven to 350. do the beets the day before & store in the fridge. heat a pan with a little oil. chop the bacon & fry till crisp. remove bacon & throw spinach in to wilt. transfer to a bowl & blend with the beets-cube them first. use a hand mixer-this takes a while to cream. there will still be a few chunks of beet, which are texturally appealing. then add the eggs & mix some more. stir in the flax, salt & soda. add the flour 1/2 cup at a time. mix well with hands. these would be hard to roll due to the beet texture. i made bowls & added the bacon in a thumb wedge & baked 30 minutes. the bacon fell out, so it’s a far better idea to roll them with the bacon mixed back in at the end. you can control the size better as well. cook the balls for 20 minutes.