IMG_0552 i spent many hours in the kitchen. unfortunately i got the baking bug. why is this bad? because i had given up bread & sugar & lost weight. the urge to bake was far stronger. i just HAD to make gingerbread beer bundt cake with chocolate glaze. why? just look at the ingredients!


20 things are in this cake. including oatmeal stout beer, mustard powder, & fresh ground nutmeg/cardamom/clove/ginger. it was like baking an indian meal. i had to line up the ingredients just so i would be sure not to forget anything.

this is worth the effort. really different from anything i have ever had before. and the blog is great too. a friend from facebook posted it. one of the best things about FB is getting recipe ideas. they can come from all corners of the world if you have friends everywhere. i do.

i don’t own a full sized bundt pan but i had a nice mini bundt pan. i measured it & needed 4. i made 2 minis & 2 dozen mini cupcakes because they are difficult to transport as a bundt. then i made xtra glaze & added butter to it, chilled it & whipped, which turns it into frosting. i used french butter for everything-including greasing the tins. works! SO dense, flavorful, moist, delish, different! best recipe of the season! well done!

i’m still on that shortbread kick. this time i did one that combines orange with chocolate-a favorite childhood combo. i remember my grandma eating dark chocolate covered orange rinds. they were the most delicious treat! it’s my strongest memory of her.


triple chocolate orange shortbread cookies are easy & SO good! i took it a step further & used 3 kinds of chips-white, semi-sweet & milk. it’s yummy, but next time i will use only semi-sweet. goes with the orange the best.

i had to give away much of this amazing stock of sweets. the rest is sleeping in the freezer. the other mini-bundt will be eaten by my band for our mardi gras show on the 12th. it’s nice to have a stash of baked goods to share with friends.