chili is probably my best dish. i’ve been creating all kinds of combos since i was a kid. i take full advantage of pqm-publican quality meats. it’s close to work & has the best meat that i know of. i decided to make this chili batch without any kind of beef. instead, i focused on pork & lamb. WOW.

-giant cooking pot-preferably all clad
-olive oil
-4 cups chicken stock
-2 heads of garlic
-2 big shallots
-1 med. yellow onion
-3 bell peppers-red/orange/yellow
-2 hot red jalapenos
-1 lb small red beans
-1/2 lb shelled fava beans
-56 oz. chopped tomatoes
-small can tomato paste
-1 lb slab bacon
-4 giant sausages-i used lamb/pork belly
-1/2 lb pastor
-hot sauce to taste
-entire large bunch of chopped fresh cilantro

-greek yogurt (topping-actually better than sour cream)
-fine shredded sharp white cheddar

creole seasoning, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cumin, coriander, cinnamon-about a tablespoon of each.

soak beans 1-2 days. drain & rinse.
pre-heat oven to 400. cover heads of garlic in olive oil, wrap in foil & bake half an hour. squeeze into mixture after it cools a bit.

heat pot. add some oil. chop up the slab bacon & cook till brown.


chop shallots & onions & add to pot. chop sausages & add with the pastor.
slice peppers in half, remove seeds, paint with oil & roast 15 minutes. chop & add.
add all the spices.

add beans, stock, & canned tomatoes/paste. make sure to invest in a decent brand.


this is the first time i’m using fava beans. they work great because they have a nut-like texture that goes well in the chili. cover & cook 4 hours or more. uncover & let reduce to desired thickness.

toss in your cilantro & that’s it! top with greek yogurt & cheese. this is an awesome treat for new years day. and my first pot of chili for 2013.