i really love making dog biscuits. there’s a couple of reasons why.

i recently have started a battle with sugar & don’t want fresh-baked items in my home but i LOVE to bake & i LOVE my doggies. i also love everyone elses dogs, which is why i have sold/traded/given jars of them for a dozen years. i am also VERY picky about what i feed my dogs. i probably spend more on their food than my own. i can’t believe how dangerous commercial food is. it’s the reason why dog’s health falls apart. this does not have to happen. they need a natural diet. and you MUST know what is poison to a dog. research it. and don’t feed them sugar. when i bake for dogs, i feel satisfied knowing exactly what i put into them. i also know they taste awesome. what is better to you-fresh baked or store-bought?

i have made all kinds of treats. it’s the season for apples & sweet potato, so this is the new delish treat!

-1 large yam + another small half for baking
-olive oil/peanut oil
-1/4 cup lard/bacon fat/veg shortening
-2 eggs at room temp
-1/2 cup ground flax meal
-1/2 cup bran
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1/2 cup milk/stock/water-any good liquid-even apple juice
-2 cups oat flour (or wheat/rice but never corn-poison to dogs!)
-1 medium apple (seeds removed-they can kill your dog)

pre-heat the oven to 400.

cut large yam in half with skin on. place on baking sheet & rub with oil. bake for 45-60 minutes. let cool & remove the skin. mash up & set aside.

slice the half yam skin removed on a mandolin super thin. you can fry them like chips or place in oven to bake. set aside.

using electric mixer, whip mashed yam & shortening together. add eggs & whip. add flax, bran, soda & salt. mix by hand. add flour half cup at a time. use liquid to balance the dryness. chop the apple with skin on & chop the yam chips. fold them into the batter & knead well with hands. these can be cut like cookies or rolled & smashed (what i did). bake them for 40 minutes. leave them on hot pans to cool-they crisp up better & don’t fall apart.

store in air tight container. keep in fridge so they don’t mold. i usually freeze them in batches because i make a large batch. make sure you want to make these. dogs don’t usually want to go back to store-bought. who can blame them?