i’ve never made potato chips before. in fact i’m pretty lame with deep-frying. i don’t eat fried food much (i just don’t like it much) and it seems most times i try to deep-fry, i fail. this took a little while to get used to but i finally got the knack.

this is a little time-consuming, so you had better want home-made chips really bad to stand over the equivalent of a bag for an hour turning paper-thin chips.

just take one small yam, use a mandolin to slice it super thin, heat peanut oil in a pan & carefully lay them in. you have to get just the right temp on the oil. if it’s too hot, it will smoke & burn. not hot enough, the chips will be mega greasy. they take about 10 minutes or more to get the right crisp. and yes-you must stand over them & use tongs to carefully keep turning them. i did 4 batches, which took an hour. it took about 5 minutes for me & my friends to kill it.

lay the chips on paper towels, season with whatever you want. sea salt & cinnamon are great. i also used a greek spice rub, which was also excellent.

go nuts!