i’ve been trying all kinds of different chicken to roast & use for various things. i always use thomas keller’s favorite roast chicken recipe because it’s simple & perfect. people don’t realize the big mistake of basting or adding butter under the skin. DRY is the key to cooking this to perfection. trust me.

i’ve been trying to cook more lately & eat better & it’s getting pretty cold outside now so i got up on a sunday, roasted another chicken in the morning, let it cook, tore off the meat & put it in a bowl in the fridge. then i took all the bones & skin, put in my new all-clad soup pot with an onion, a couple of cut carrots, some celery, rosemary, salt & pepper & made stock. it cooked for about 4-5 hours. i went to teach my class & when i got home, i did the soup. i cooked chopped onion in olive oil with salt for 10 minutes. then i added 4 chopped cloves of garlic & cooked a little more. added pepper, more salt & rosemary. then i added small cubed celery & carrots, sweat it with a little of the broth for around 10 minutes. then i added the desired amount of stock & more herbs & salt. reduced it a bit, & wasn’t satisfied. my friend was over who is also a good cook. he said he likes to put his in a bowl & add what he thinks is missing. because he has ruined a lot of entire pots of soup. i’ve never heard this before but it made perfect sense. i figured it out easily.

the juice of one lemon.

chef’s that i know often stress the acidic fact when i ask them questions about cooking. it was PERFECT. then i threw in the chicken. i left the pieces kind of big, which is awesome. i cooked good quality fat egg noodles on the side (never cook in the soup. it makes them gummy).

that’s it! cheap & easy, delicious & perfect for a cold day.

so far the best chicken i’ve used is the Amish. i love trying a different chicken every time i roast one. and i NEVER EVER buy stock from the store anymore. my freezer is filled with stock that i always need for something!