ok. i make tamales a lot. because i like them, because they are cheap, because i worked at frontera grill & learned a LOT there about chili, mexican cooking,& genrally learning how to roast stuff to get the sugars out. SO i went for it again.

holy crap. it literally took me 6 hours from start to finish. my back was hurting so much afterwards. tamales are not meant for the single cook. it’s for a factory line.

anyhoo…this time i used duck fat in the masa but i bought the wrong kind of masa-not harina, masa flour, but the kind for making tortillas. so…even with the duck fat it was just not that great imo.

just search my blog for my various tamale recipes & mistakes. i don’t want to bore you. however… get a group of pals together & do it. too much for one girl.

you have to soak the corn husks underwater for a good long time.

you have to roast your chicken thomas keller style & let it cool so you can break it apart.

take all the skin off & make crispy bacon out of it & add to chicken pulled off carcass. save it of course for most delish stock.

i roasted poblanos, cebajitos, serranos, garlic

cool all this stuff, chop & create an assemly line. then you have to make a sauce-i did tomatillo. the roasted garlic with store bought tomatillo, chopped roasted onions, serranos, spices. i put a bowl of average cheese as well.

the masa is an art in itself. combines masa harina, baking powder, salt, fat (crisco, lard, duck fat, which i used this time which was a waste imo) some stock, mix, set in fridge, knead & press into softened husks. then add the desired ingredients

you have to steam then for an hour and a half standing up. that’s it.

i’ve said it before. these are best if there are extra hands around to help out. worth it if you, like me, are a lover of the tamale & wish to see it elevated & explored!