i’ve never made a pot roast before. i grew up on it with home-made dumplings, which i’ve made. you mix egg, flour, sugar & fork them into a pot of boiling water. cover in gravy. this was my initial intention, but after finding this recipe, i decided to re-think what i have always thought about the pot roast.

as you all know, i was without a stove for 15 years but still managed to cook just about anything i put my mind to. but it has it’s limits in terms of size, which is why i roasted 2 chickens at once & have now moved on to the 4 lb. pot roast.

i decided to combine the 6 dry-rub ingredients, rub it on charlene (yes i named the meat) & let her sit overnight. here is the rub

i never bought a cut of meat like this before so i went to a nearby butcher & they tied her up & got her ready. $28, which i guess is pretty expensive for chuck roast.

i purchased some in-house made garlic back bacon-an integral part of the browning process. you have to cube it, brown it, take it out & brown each 6 sides of the meat for 2 minutes each side. then you put a nice malbec into the sauce, reduce it, add stock & pour over everything.

set her on top of the bacon, surround with bay leafs, garlic cloves, shallots & white onions. pour reduction over her.

bake at 350 an hour, flip, stir & bake another hour. add the veggies & bake another 45.

how did it turn out? i had to cut the meat up & cook in sauce for another hour. the meat took awhile to fall apart. but after that last hour it was PERFECT. best pot roast i’ve ever tasted. what was SO amazing about it was the lightness of it. since there’s only root veggies-no starch or potatoes-you can eat a lot of it. the flavor from the amazing bacon pretty much rocked it out. i’m going to have a hard time sharing this with my friends today, but i promised it to them so i have to deliver.