i have never roasted a chicken before. mainly because i haven’t had a stove for 15 years & a student recently gave me a gas stove. i wanted to start with something simple & another student told me about thomas keller’s simple roast chicken recipe. this was PERFECT because all it required was salt, pepper & thyme. and a knowledge of tussing a chicken which was something foreign to me. you must tie it together so it cooks evenly.

handling a whole roaster was a bit strange. i had to sit it up while putting the salt & pepper inside of the carcass.

than i had to follow the step-by-step instruction for tussing for dummies

massage it in salt & pepper, place in a 450 degree oven uncovered for an hour. than you baste it a bit with it’s juices & fresh thyme & let it sit 15 minutes. that’s it! nothing else was required-not even gravy! hell-i wouldn’t ruin it by drowning it in gravy.

the potatoes i made were yukon gold slivered into onions, garlic & adobo on stovetop. than i finished it in the oven with fresh parmesean-reggiano, mashed it together & that was it. perfection! i have a feeling i’m going to be doing this on a regular basis. it’s too easy not to do. i have no idea how one can improve upon this recipe. it’s rated 4 forks with over 500 reviews on epicurious. it’s going to also make an awesome stock. i win!