i’m not a fan of squash but since it’s in season & cheap, i decided to make roasted butternut squash soup with spicy seeds mainly because of the bizarre combination of ingredients-jalapenos (i used serrano instead), cilantro, apples, toasted seeds with cayenne, butter, heavy cream & the usual carrot/celery/onion soup suspects.

first you have to cut the squash in half & pull the seeds out of the fibers which can take some time. you rub it in olive oil & salt & bake skin up at 400 degrees for an hour. so give yourself some time. this soup took me almost 2 hours to complete.

you wash & dry the seeds, roast them & toss in melted butter/cinnamon/cayenne, set aside & top the soup with it. it’s best to stir it in because it’s like a paste. then you chop some tart apples & cilantro & top it off.

it’s a pretty yummy soup that can be made vegetarian (i used chicken stock) & perfect for the cool fall weather. make sure you toast the seeds well because they can get mushy if they aren’t well toasted. next time i make it i’m going to add a couple extra serrano peppers & toast the seeds stove top in a cast iron skillet rather than putting it in the oven. extra cilantro is also a good idea-the cilantro with the squash is a nice pairing.

hearty & sweet, this is meant to be eaten as a cup rather than a big bowl so it’s best as a light lunch, snack or appetizer.