maki rolls take loads of practice. to get it just right you have to do all the right things. first of all, you must have a sushi mat to roll them. easy to find at your local asian grocery. i have 2 sizes. it’s also a very good idea to have a rice steamer. what you put into the roll is entirely up to you.

first steam short grain sushi rice. when it’s done, drizzle in some rice wine vinegar, toss it about & let it cool. then get your ingredients sliced long & thin. this version has smoked salmon, green onions, avocado & cucumber. you also need a bowl of water to dip your fingers into as you roll or the sticky rice will stick to your hands. i prepare all of this before i begin. you also need a pack of nori sheets.

lay your nori sheet down & carefully spread it with the rice. it’s tricky to get this even & takes practice. then put your ingredients inside but not too close to the edge.

use the mat to roll as tightly as possible. practice makes perfect.

use a very sharp wet knife to carefully cut into slices. serve with wasabi soy &/or spicy mayo. spicy mayo is so good & easy. simply whip mayo & sriracha chili sauce together.

itadakimasu 🙂