we went out to the taste of randolph over the weekend & had a bag of masala popcorn. i picked up some quality kernals at the logan square farmers market & decided to try to make this myself. i have a jar of ghee, so i did not have to make my own. this is easy peasy!

2 T. ghee
1/2 cup corn kernals
-garam masala
-fine pink salt
-garlic powder
-chili powder
melted european butter

heat the ghee over med-high in heavy skillet. throw in 3 kernals. when they pop, you can add the rest. cover & shake till popped. transfer to the largest bowl you own & add the spices (its up to you how much but go easy on the fenugreek-it’s pretty intense) & the butter. toss & serve!

itkadasimasu 🙂