when it’s chilly, there is nothing more comforting than classic split pea soup. i’m very happy to have a pressure cooker after years of being fearful of one. they can be intimidating. they cut down the soaking/cooking time of all beans & legumes.

classic split pea soup

8 cups water
1 lb split peas
2 smoked ham hocks

pressure cook the above for 2 hours. meanwhile…

fine chop 1/2 lb. bacon & fry till crisp. remove. in the bacon fat sautee
1 fine chopped shallot
4 chopped carrots
1 large yukon gold potato skinned & chopped
2 T. sage
salt & pepper to taste
for about 10 minutes. then add the contents of the pressure cooker, cover & cook another hour. it will be thin at this point, so put it in the fridge & cook another hour the next day. when you take it out of the fridge, skim the fat off of the top so it isn’t greasy. this is important. taste for seasoning adjustment. you shouldn’t need too much salt because of the bacon & ham hocks. top with the crisp bacon pieces & devour. i’ve made this vegetarian style in the past. it does not have the same flavor. most of the personality of the soup comes from the smoked hocks. that’s just a fact. and if you have a dog like me, they win because ham hocks are a favorite amongst pooches.

this is super simple, very cheap to make (the ham hocks cost $1, the peas 50 cents, add the rest & you have a gallon of delicious nutritious comforting soup made for less than $3.