this was an experiment. i wanted a grain with this because the brown rice miso & rich porcini & shitake mushrooms also wanted it. i did not have any wild or brown rice & i just could not bring myself to use anything else. until i pulled out the often ignored jar of amaranth.

soak 2 oz. dried porcini in 6 cups of almost boiling water for a half hour. squeeze the shrooms & chop small.
save liquid (duh)
sautee 1 lb firm tofu in veg oil coated in togarashi till somewhat brown. set aside.

thin slice 2 bunches scallions, 8 oz fresh shitake mushrooms, the porcinis, 4 minced cloves garlic, one inch piece minced fresh ginger. sautee in veg oil, gradually add porcini stock & home made veg or chicken stock-about 2 cups. cover & simmer mild about an hour. add tofu & seaweed-any kind. add a dash of sesame oil & a few dashes of soy sauce. & cook a few minutes. add 4 oz. brown miso paste & a few shakes togarashi. let reduce uncovered 45 minutes. during this time, steam the amaranth in a regular rice steamer-1/2 cup amaranth to 1.5 cup stock or water. add a few spoons of amaranth to a bowl, top with the luxury broth & a few pieces of fresh cilantro.

this is OUTSTANDING & full of nutrition. amaranth is safe for people on a gluten-free diet. it’s also lighter than brown rice & tastes really lovely in this kind of rich brothed porcini miso. highly recommended!