i woke at 7am on a sunday & quickly figured out a meal plan. today it will be tomato dal soup because i have a completely full extensive stock of indian spices.
yellow dal
black mustard seeds
5 fresh serrano chilis (gives this the perfect ear burn)
home roasted cumin
fresh ground corriander
fresh cilantro
high quality tomatoes
heavy cream

wow that hing is disgusting. but an important element in lots of indian cooking. i had to teach yoga stinking like it. i felt kind of embarassed. hing is very good for you.

this is a lovely light soup perfect for the light snowstorm we had today. i followed it up with 3 more dishes that i will record here in the next couple of days. i had guests over for the bears national game that they won so it was fun to cook for 4 people, including 2 very nice desserts.