a good friend of mine told me that he used the carcass of the smoked turkey he had on thanksgiving to make split pea soup. i had been thinking about this soup ever since, so i ran to the store & got my smoked turkey wings & peas. i read through 2 recipes but ended up doing my own thing because they seemed to be lacking spice. the idea of putting bacon on top is a damn GOOD idea. it really MAKES this dish.

1 lb. dry split peas soaked overnight
1 large onion
3 carrots
3 celery sticks
4-6 smoked turkey wings
8 cups cold water
oregano, basil & rosemary to taste
2 large bay leaves
sea salt & pepper to taste
2 tablespoons butter
4 slices of bacon

in a cast iron dutch oven (yes it matters)
-fry the bacon & set aside but reserve the fat. add the butter & cook the chopped veggies for 20 minutes. add the spices, turkey & water. cover & cook half hour. add the peas & cover & cook over low (like a crock pot method) for 4-5 hours. remove the meat & bay leaves & puree. cook uncovered & reduce by 2 inches (this really thickens & flavors it). i did not chop the meat & add it back. when finished, add more salt to taste & top with the cooked bacon. one recipe called for marjoram but did not have it. next time. i think it would be really good in it.

super easy, cheap, nutritious (sans bacon) & delish.

below are the 2 recipes that guided me
mrs. schriners split pea soup
easy split pea soup