this month’s issue of bon appetite is great. this is a soup made from a greens recipe, so it’s 2 meals in one. first i had to make cannellini beans with kale. i used navy beans because that’s what i had. 3/4 of it is used to make the kale & cannellini soup. it’s a wonderful simple vegetarian greens recipe. especially if you use local kale. it’s much softer than the stuff they use for decorating salad bars.

i purchased my very first bottle of truffle oil just for this soup.

it’s drizzled over the soup, over a toasted baguette & fresh shaved parmesean reggiano cheese.


fabulous flavor-very different from anything i’ve ever made before. the kale with the sage is a winner. don’t forget the croutons-it’s a very important part of the flavor. if you are veg or simply looking to add some dark leafy greens to your diet, this is your soup. it’s also perfect for fall weather.

bon appetit 🙂