i decided to visit my favorite local fishmarket dirk’s fish & gourmet shop. it’s a PARADISE for fish lovers. among many other things, i picked up some sushi grade ahi tuna, some nori seaweed, avocados, smoked salmon, cream cheese & halibut fish cheeks-something i have never heard of. i learned in japan that the head is the best part of the fish. so i bought a half pound.

sushi rice

-2 cups short grain rice
-1/2 cup rice wine vinegar
-2 teaspoons salt
-1/4 cup sugar

i use a rice steamer. you have to rinse the dry rice for awhile to get as much of the starch out as you can.
heat the vinegar, salt & sugar until sugar dissolves. remove from heat. when the rice is ready, put in the largest bowl you own. pour on the vinegar sauce & stir gently with a wood spoon to coat every grain. put plastic over so it does not dry out.

lay down your bamboo mat. cut a piece of nori, lay on top & press a thin layer of rice, leaving a little border. line the thin cut ingredients in. make sure to keep your hands wet when handling the rice because it sticks. you have to use short grain sushi rice or it won’t bind together. also dip your very sharp knife in hot water when you slice them.

spicy tuna roll
-thin slices of hamachi or preferred tuna
-thin slices of avocado
-thin slices of scallions
-sriracha chili sauce

just roll, seal & slice. top with a dollop of mayo mixed with the chili sauce.

philly roll
-thin slices smoked salmon
-cream cheese

SUPER easy. i keep wasabi powder on hand. just needs a few drops of water to make into a paste. mix with soy sauce.

the halibut cheeks taste like lobster/crab. really beautiful texture & flavor. they don’t need much at all. in fact next time i make them, i will not bread them. just grill or steam & dunk in some butter like lobster. this is how i made them today.

pan seared panko halibut cheeks
-1/2 lb halibut cheeks cubed
-provenance style salt
-fresh ground pepper
-lemon juice

coat the fish in all of the above. than coat it in a mixture of
-3/4 cup panko bread crumbs
-4 tablespoons parmesean cheese

fry in olive oil with
-4 thin sliced scallions
-4 cloves grated garlic

cooks in about 5-8 minutes.

a delicacy!