i was just realizing that i’m getting fatter. i’m thinking it’s the menopause & after considering a diet, i decided instead to make baked macaroni & cheese! what a decadent recipe!

i made a few changes in the original recipe. first of all, this makes 20 servings. since there’s only 2 people in my house, i cut it in half. that’s still huge. i started with a few thick cut bacon slices & fried them until crispy. then i removed them & chopped them up & mixed them in with the panko topping. keep the bacon fat, add a little butter & begin your roux. the cheese i used was 2 cups mild basic cheddar & 1 cup combined smoked gruyère, 10 year old cheddar, parmesan reggiano & mozzarella pizza cheese. i also used better noodles-cavatelli-which are double spiral. they hold the sauce well. this is totally delicious.

i’m trying to eat little portions cause i’m on a diet.
yeah right.