what a strange grilled cheese sammie! instead of layering the ingredients, you grate all the cheese & mix in everything else, spread it on bread & fry. this is something i could never have thought of but it does open the door to many other ideas, such as chopped basil, mushrooms & bacon bits in the shredded cheese.
grilled pimento & aged cheddar cheese sammie is from tasting table’s chef’s recipes that i get in my inbox. it comes from a chef from atlanta

Dixie Chic
Updating our favorite retro spread
At Atlanta’s new Empire State South, chef Hugh Acheson is recasting regional Southern dishes such as Frogmore Stew and chicken-fried pork steak with a modern eye. The chef even refreshes pimento cheese–that classic, creamy spread–by using just-roasted red peppers, homemade mayonnaise and smoked paprika. At the restaurant, he serves this “Southern pâté” as an appetizer and on grilled cheese sandwiches that boast a perfect combination of molten filling and crunchy crust. Acheson admits he can’t go a week without eating one of these oozing indulgences. Make this once, and you won’t be able to either.