as the weather chills, my mind turns to soup-brown rice miso soup! with porcini & shitake mushrooms! i’ve made miso quite a bit because it’s super easy, super nutritous & super delish! this time i added vermacelli rice noodles to give it a little more substance. what a great idea! here’s my recipe

half a pack of firm tofu
one cup fresh shitake mushrooms
6 ounces dried porcini mushrooms soaked in 4 cups of hot water for half an hour
6 scallions
4 bulbs of garlic
soy sauce
4 ounces arame seaweed
4 cups veggie stock
1/2 cup mellow brown rice miso paste
rice vermacelli noodles (optional)

small cube the tofu & fry until golden brown in vegetable oil. set aside.
boil the noodles for 3 minutes, drain, set aside.
slice the shitake mushrooms & stir fry with the scallions thin sliced. add the garlic whole & cook until tender, smash with fork. add the porcini stock & slice up the porcini & add. throw in the cooked tofu. cook 5 minutes. add veggie stock, seaweed & soy sauce to taste. simmer 15 minutes. add the miso & cook 5-10 more minutes. add noodles to each individual serving (do not put them in the pot of soup).

that’s it! easy!