i don’t know why i’ve never thought of making eggrolls before because i really like them despite my aversion to fried foods. i used this recipe as a guide but changed it a bit. the spices are the same but i used grilled cubed chicken breast & napa cabbage instead of the other suggested meat/veg combo. i made the filling the night before so the flavor could deepen.

the next day i prepared them & it was a breeze. took a look at a chinese youtube video to see how they fold them & that was that!

they turned out really good. and the possibilities are endless. a favorite neighborhood restaurant makes santa fe eggrolls, which i’m addicted to. they have black beans & corn & served with a chipotle mayo. i’m going to pick their brains about them next time i’m in.

the hot mustard is standard chinese mustard-just take powdered mustard & mix it with cold water. like wasabi! super hot.

since i’ve conquered ravioli, gyoza & samosa, eggrolls are a cinch. next time i try spring rolls in rice paper steamed-a way healthier option. i feel like a fat sow from eating 5 of these yesterday.