i’ve been trying to make a good personal toaster oven pizza but haven’t found the best crust & method. until now. boboli is the crust you have to use & you have to cook it straight on the rack without a pan. crispy perfection.

for 2 small pizzas
pre-heat oven at 450
prepare your toppings-of course anything goes here. yesterday i used
-1 roasted red pepper
-handful of sliced crimini mushrooms
-hot italian sausage

roast the pepper in the oven until brown. cool, remove skin & julienne slice. set aside.
sautee mushrooms in olive oil until brown. set aside.
cook sausage till brown, drain oil & set aside.

use the oil as the base for the sauce.
-half cup good quality tomato puree
-couple squeezes of tomato paste concentrate in the tube
-one whole roasted garlic bulb peeled & mashed
-ground oregano, salt & pepper to taste

cook the above about 15 minutes. then add
-handful of fresh grated pecorino romano cheese
cook till it melts in the sauce. stir constantly.

brush the crust with olive oil. ladel the sauce in the center. keep it a half inch from the ends. lay down veggies, then add grated mozzerella cheese & top with the sausage. put in oven on rack for 10 minutes. remove & let sit 5 minutes before cutting.

this was the best home made pizza i have ever made. the next step? making my own pizza dough. i’m going to wait for my oven first šŸ™‚