i have 4 heirloom tomato plants that get destroyed as soon as the tomatoes begin to turn red-by ants & splitting & other animals. i decided to harvest them in the green so i can at least enjoy a few home grown tomatoes. i am NOT a fan of fried food so fried green tomatoes was OUT. however, i AM a fan of chutney. i have never made it before. i get something called “tasting table” in my email box & it often has “chef’s recipes” which is recipes from chefs (duh).

this one uses green tomatoes, champagne vinegar, white wine, sugar. & a sachet of fresh thyme, basil, cardmon pods & mustard seeds. extremely intriguing!
green tomato chutney
is sweet, pickled & unusual. in a good way. i grilled some lamb chops & topped with the chutney & served with a side ceaser salad. i don’t think i like lamb chops & plan to use this chutney-which keeps for a few weeks-on a lamb burger or other things i can think up.

chutney is usually indian. this is not very hot-more sweet. i am glad that i at least got to use up my nice heirloom tomatoes before someone else enjoyed them 🙂