today i taught yoga to a student on the lakefront. at 630am. i woke up only 20 minutes before & managed to get there 2 minutes late. that is kind of incredible. i forgot to put on shorts & had to run in my house & take care of that problem.

i stopped at whole foods to pick up whatever. i have limited space (a backpack) & had NO clue what i wanted to cook. i saw broccoli raab. the colonel likes that. we like an indian dish that usually is mustard greens but sometimes in the north, it is broccoli raab-the leaves of broccoli plants. i researched & found a good recipe

it smells awesome-seems garlic is a good accompiament. i was generous with that. i also had an urge to pressure cook it-which bongmom agreed. i also picked up a pound of filet trout to serve with it & am currently looking for the right recipe that fits my needs. i don’t want to go back to the store because it’s really windy & a little cold.

more in the next post. i’m researching indian fish recipes.