my camera is dying i’m afraid, which is why i haven’t been posting all that much lately. the above shot is not mine. i have recently subscribed to bon appetit magazine. this recipe is from my first issue. you can view it on line.

shrimp, mango & avocado salad with sweet-chili ginger vinaigrette

i added home grown cherry tomatoes, chopped it all together & laid it on a bed of & mixed herbed greens instead of butter lettuce. this is really refreshing-especially in summer. it IS quite sweet, though. it’s almost a cross between a fruit salad & a dinner salad. the sweet chili sauce can be cut with sriracha or something similar, which is what i will do if i make this again. i also think that any kind of fish or poultry can easily work. one that pairs well with the sauce-something light. although it would be interesting to see how beef would work-thin sliced rare roast beef perhaps?

simple, quick salad anyone can toss together in 10 minutes.