i have been into making my own pasta & sauce lately. the store bought no matter how much you pay never tastes as good. i usually start with the pomme carton of italian tomatoes & the super concentrated tomato paste you buy in a tube. these things make a big difference. i always roast an entire head of garlic, high quality parmesean reggiano cheese grated by hand & use my garden herbs-basil & oregano.

a little salt n pepper, that’s pretty much it. about a tablespoon of sugar with some cinnamon will usually take out any sourness from the tomatoes.

instead of pasta i decided to try to make crostini. i bought local day old crusty italian bread (red hen bakery), brushed with olive oil & toasted. then i bought local organic pork sausage from maple creek farms in wisconsin, chopped & fried in olive oil. i never used this type of pork before. it was very lean, which turned out to be a good thing. because of that, it absorbed SO much of the flavor of the sauce. mix it into the sauce or top it. cover with thin slices of fresh buffalo mozzerella cheese. there is NOTHING like fresh mozzerella. most pizza uses the worst quality mozzerella. that’s why they use too much of it. i like the cheese to be it’s own thing. this is the ONLY way to do it.

pop them back in the toaster oven till melted. they are UNBELIEVABLE. and i’m not a big fan of pizza.

grocery list

1 box pomme italian strained tomatoes
1/2 cup hand grated fresh parmesean reggiano cheese
olive oil
1 head of roasted garlic
fresh herbs-oregano & basil
day old crusty italian loaf
1 fist of fresh buffalo mozzerella cheese
if you want meat, local pork sausage or anything you like-quarter pound is fine. or top with sauteed mushrooms.

i made these again with the cheese down first. it was better because it stayed on the bread instead of falling off the sauce. i also originally had the sauce & pork seperate, but it is better to put them together after the pork is well browned. this method stays together better.