i used to make 50 gallons of hummus at a time when i worked at an old-school health food store called “foodworks,” many years ago. i remembered the recipe. it’s hard to get it good with dried garbanzos, so i usually use canned. this time i was intending on using the garbanzos in another dish & changed my mind. i did manage to get it to a good consistancy. here’s how i did it.

soak 1-2 cups garbanzos for 36 hours
pressure cook 2 hours, let stand an hour, cook another hour, let stand 8 hours.

combine in food processor with
half a cup tahini paste
juice of one lemon
handful of chopped parsley
3-8 cloves of minced garlic (all depends how much you like garlic-i like to roast it first)
tablespoon roasted cumin
salt & pepper to taste

after blended well, slowly add the olive oil while it’s processing.

you can do so much with this basic recipe-add hot chilis, different kinds of spices, etc.

apologies for the bad photo. my camera is dying.