the idea of fresh local whitefish coated in horseradish & grainy & dijon mustard with panko breadcrumbs with a side of nola remoulade had been on my mind for several weeks. i bought everything & made it yesterday.
i served it with steamed basmati rice tossed with edamame.

holy crap. i have enough leftover to do it again today.

below is my epicurious review of this recipe.
i gave it a 4 forks

horseradish crusted whitefish with remoulade

i read all of the reviews for this & was skeptical because of all the negative reviews. i’ve always wanted to try this & finally just gathered the ingredients & made it. i decided to add 2 eggs to help the coating bind better (that was a complaint from a reviewer). it stayed on just fine. i also cooked the whitefish at 400 (because a reviewer recommended that) and that was a good idea. i used VERY fresh local whitefish. i think part of the problem other reviewers had was because no one used whitefish & it is very different from other fish. but i live by the lake, so i’m lucky. i also used the finest grain mustard i could find. as far as the remoulade, SO WHAT if there is too much? i just used it to dip in. i’m glad i have leftovers because remoulade can be used on sandwiches or as a dip for something else. even diluted into a sauce. hearty & delicious-i will DEFINITELY make this again. only with fresh whitefish.