these are my own recipes. feel like i had just written a couple songs. i had been thinking about how to use my portobello & porcini mushroons & my black wax cheddar. i also had one poblano, a bunch of scallions & a bag of serrano chili peppers. i picked up some chihuahua cheese. my creation took 6 hours to come to fruitation.

first things first.

4 oz. dried porcini mushrooms
dried corn husks

soak those mushrooms in 4 cups warm water. soak the husks as well-be sure to push them under the water with another bowl.

next thing-prepare the masa

2 cups masa harina (corn flour)
1t salt
1T baking powder
3/4 cup lard, shortening, whatever is hard at room temp. i used 1/4 butter & 1/2 veg shortening
4 cups stock-i used 2 cups chicken stock & 2 cups soaking liquid from the porcini mushrooms

mix the dry stuff with the stock. cream the fat, add the dry, cover & put in fridge.

then the fillings

for the poblano tamal

roast 1 poblano, several de-seeded serranos, a bunch of scallions till brown. slice length wise. set a side with a bowl of shreaded chihuahua cheese

for the mushroom tamal

1 head garlic
7 shallots
8 oz. portobellos
4 oz. dried porcini (the ones you soaked)
mushroom soaking liquid
2T butter
1 chunk julienne high end cheddar (mine was wrapped in black wax)
half cup fresh chopped basil
2 T. fresh thyme
salt to taste

oil, wrap in foil & bake garlic & shallots in their husks for 40 minutes at 350. remove & let cool.

heat cast iron skillet with butter. add the mushrooms & some sea salt. de-glaze them with the mushroom liquid. add the garlic & shallots after mashing them together. add a little liquid at a time & cook till the mushroom water keeps evaporating. about half an hour. add the chopped basil & thyme. let cool & set aside.

i had to pluck lots of leaves from my basil plant so it could flourish. it goes well with mushrooms.

spread a thin amount of masa on each husk & add the mushroom filling topped with 2 julienne pieces of the cheddar. wrap & tie.

for the roasted poblano, serrano, scallion & chihuahua cheese tamals, take 2 strips each of scallion, serrano & poblano, lay inside & top with chihuahua cheese. wrap & tie.

steam covered with a wet towel standing up for 2 hours. keep checking the water because it evaporates. let them stand 5 minutes. unwrap & enjoy.

green chili avocado sauce

in food processor blend 2 avocados with 24 ounces of canned green chili with vinegared carrots, etc.

this is only used with the poblano tamals.

with tamales the possibilities are endless. i enjoy making them, but they are only for people who don’t mind taking 6+ hours to prepare them. i am fascinated with the steaming process in natural plants. i plan to start using other leafs-coconut, banana & palm. i’m sure there are more. it’s just a great way to recycle & adds so much moisture to the food. fish in banana leaf is one of my favorite foods.