this was the most difficult dessert i have ever made. a student brought matcha tea & coconut macarons to class for his birthday & it inspired me to give macarons a try. after searching, i decided to go with a french recipe from a great pastry blog my tartelette, which is rare because i’m usually very intimidated by french recipes. and everything had to be converted from grams into ounces. because i am a fan of raspberry, i chose raspberry mascarpone macarons.

macarons, or macaroons (the usual spelling) are egg whites whipped with sugar. when you get the right consistency, you fold in powdered sugar mixed with colored sugar & almonds that have been pulverized.

all of this is tricky because everything can go wrong. temperature, too much or too little whisking. it’s all put in a pastry bag & squeezed out into 1.5 inch little shells after the shells are made, they have to sit out for an hour before baked at a low temp-280-for 20 minutes. because i don’t have an oven, i had to do these in batches, which took a couple of hours.

they are SO delicate you have to peel them carefully off the parchment paper. they tear easily & i lost quite a few.

then you make the filling which is mascarpone cheese (similar to cream cheese) and the best local raspberry preserves you can find. you have to use a pastry bag to gently drop the filling & sandwich with another macaron shell. tartlette says to let them sit for 24 hours in the fridge so all the flavors can combine well.

as you can see they turned out less than perfect. i can’t really transport them because they are far too delicate, so if you want to try one, you have to come over to my house.

i have a lot of the filling left over. i’m planning on using it in pancakes tomorrow. raspberry mascarpone swedish pancakes. stay tuned!

i don’t recommend making these unless you are good with pastry & have a LOT of patience & attention to detail. i will probably give these another go in the future, but not in the near future.

tasty little buggers šŸ™‚