i made a half gallon of seaweed salad using 3 kinds of seaweed. it was so dense i decided to do a couple of things with both the soaking liquid and change the addition of apple to some firm sautéed tofu with togarashi.

tossed in a handful of baby spinach & mixed herbed greens & topped with avocado slices. this is PERFECT-highly satisfying, filling, nutritious & great for digestion. adding these things stretches expensive seaweed & makes it less dense & intense.

i saved all the seaweed soaking liquid & bought some red miso paste. first i steamed a cup of basmati in a cup of the broth. then i minced together some garlic, ginger & shallots. in a pot, i added some olive & sesame oil & sautéed 5 minutes. added the rest of the original seaweed salad, half a container of firm tofu cubed & all of the soaking broth & cooked 30 minutes. then i added a healthy spoonful of the red miso paste, heated it through (miso should never be boiled) & added some of the basmati on top.

i hate wasting food. especially if it’s chock full of nutrients.

it seems i’m beginning to return to my vegetarian roots. for 15 years i had to get flavor without the use of bacon or chicken stock. that’s when i learned about seaweed, tofu/soy products & how to use all kinds of mushrooms to get flavor. i also forgot how much i love tofu if it’s made correctly. you can spend the same $$$ for meat or you can use the same amount of $$$ to invest in good basmati rice, organic seaweed & quality tofu.

i’m feeling a little healthier already. but i’m not “there” yet.