this is my own recipe

1 lb. crimini mushrooms
2 oz. each dried porcini & oyster mushrooms
1 cup pecorino romano cheese
14 oz. strained tomatoes
handful fresh basil
olive oil
tomato paste (i use the concentrated tube kind) just a few squeezes
handful fresh oregano
good red wine (jammy berry type like shiraz)
maldon sea salt
garlic (fresh roasted or powder)
white pepper

chop crimini mushrooms & sauteed them in a black iron skillet with some salt to sweat them. i de-glazed with a good red wine-“the stump jump” vintage 2008. soak the dried porcini & oyster mushrooms for 20 minutes in a cup of water, squeezed out the water & saved it. chopped them up, added with the mushroom liquid. add salt to taste, a little white or black pepper, a carton of italian strained tomatoes (use what you want- i like pomi) a few squeezes of tomato paste, powdered garlic (just because i’m out of regular garlic), white pepper to taste, tons of fresh basil & oregano from my herb garden. i pureed them with some olive olive oil & added last. stir a lot, cook about an hour or so. add a few handfulls of pecorino romano shreadded very fine. cook some more.

prepare the pasta

mix 3/4 cup each of semolin & white flour
dash of salt
bunch of powdered garlic
2 tablespoons mushroom soaking water
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 eggs beaten

knead 10 minutes. cover with a wet towel & let sit 20 minutes. put a large pot of water on with some salt & oil to cook the pasta. run through your pasta machine or whatever you use.

top with more cheese because there is never enough.

this is totally vegetarian. when i used to be a veg, i used mushrooms (especially porcini because they are one of the most flavorful dried mushroom but a bit expensive) for flavor all the time. i never missed the meat.

fresh noodles are tricky to get uniform in size. these look amateurish-kind of like udon noodles. i have to practice a lot to get it right. i guess that’s why i call this mushroom udon instead of linguini