i make these cookies for my friend who often gives me her cubs season tickets. ginger spice cookies are absolutely delicious, especially if you use all good ingredients. here’s some tips to make it the best-

buy crystalized ginger from whole foods. it’s in bulk & is the cheapest & most moist & fresh i have ever found. you have to chop it up because the pieces are quite large. this MAKES these cookies what they are. do not omit them. and do NOT buy mccormick brand in a bottle at jewel. it cost $11 for 2 ounces & it’s all dried out. wf charges $6 a pound. quite a difference. whole foods is great for many things-not everything, but they do have a kick ass bulk section as well as some of the best produce that can be bought in a grocery store.

this is a new recipe. i usually use another one but i’m not one to stand still. i’m forever looking for ways to improve even perfect recipes. the big tips in making your food exceptional is what all the great chefs say.

great ingredients make great food.

yup. organic soft brown sugar, european butter (lurpak is my fave, but i really love kerrygold & plugra-which can be bought at $3.99 a pound not cut into sticks.) THAT is the very best deal on european butter in the world. treasure island & whole foods have it. usually you have to pay that much for half a pound-only 2 sticks. european butter has changed my life. i also prefer organic brown sugar. it never seems to harden & is really easy to work with. this recipe has no white sugar in it-only molasses & brown sugar.

brown sugar
that’s what they call heroin in india!
the rolling stones had their own interpretation.

brown sugar-why do you taste SO good?