cherry chocolate chippers

i made these for a student who i am extremely fond of for his birthday. he runs marathons & raises a lot of money for aids & is just delightful to be around. i felt that the first time i met him. another student made a hand made card with little pilobolus figures. i was delighted because that was my favorite dance troup when i was a kid.

she is a lot younger than i so she had never heard of this popular dance troupe. i enjoy teaching at this place because a yoga community is happening in the most unlikliest of places-a downtown corporate high-rise lawyer firm. i used the very best euro butter-luprek, bourbon natural vanilla, soft organic brown sugar, hershey chocolate pieces & fat dried sour cherries. i made them tiny in case he was weight concious. he just said that he runs a lot so he can eat a lot. that’s a good answer. i’m sure he killed that bag pretty quick. they are addicting. the cherry with the chocolate is a good idea.