a friend gave me a hand crank pasta machine last winter. he had 2. half a year later i decided to get over my irrational fear of it.

what started the idea was the fact that i’ve had a cast iron ravioli press from the 1950s my whole life. i thought it was gone until i stumbled upon it a few days ago. oh joy!

3 steps to this bad boy.

first, make the dough. i used 3/4 cup each of semolina & white flour. mix with some salt & add 2 eggs & a tablespoon each of olive oil & water. knead 10 minutes, wrap in plastic & sit aside at least 20 minutes.

second, make the filling.

1 cup ricotta
1 cup parmesean reggiano
1 cup shreaded soft mozzerella
2 eggs
salt & pepper

mix it together & put in the fridge.

put a large pot of water with a dash of oil & salt to a boil.

now make the sauce. in the following recipe i used a wild mushroon mix instead.
four cheese ravioli with mushrooms

while that simmers, divide the dough & pass through the pasta machine. setting #5 is a good thickness. one sheet on top of the ravioli press, add a teaspoon of filling, add another sheet & roll with a rolling pin to cut & close them. don’t forget to oil the press. they pop out easily. boil them gently abou 7 minutes. drain.

plate, top with a couple spoons of mushroom sauce & fresh parmesean reggiano.
one serving is a dozen. i have lots of filling & dough leftover. tomorrow i will make a red sauce. you can do them ahead of time & freeze them as well. REALLY easy.

this was the most fun i’ve had in the kitchen in a long time. highly recommended.