for some reason this weekend has become a cajiun weekend.

red beans n’ rice

sautee bacon (i had danish canadian bacon)

shallots, onions, garlic, poblano & spices. puree 2 large heirloom tomatoes & add. put a cup of red beans that have soaked overnite & 4 cups water. pressure cook an hour. sit an hour. puree a cup of the mixture for body. cook to reduce thick

local collard greens & white kale (from green city market) with danish canadian bacon & bone-in pork chops

chop & boil together for a long time. reduce, add spices & vinegar.

& gumbo with whole paycheck on-sale jumo prawns, danish canadian bacon, pork chops & in house made italian sausage from new local butcher sterling goss

pretty much the same recipe i always use
from my uglisich’s cookbook

topped off with mac n’ cheeze made by local meat purveyor sterling goss.

butchers are a dying art.
i mean

meat purveyors.