honey togarashi chicken wings. what an AWESOME wing recipe! not a quickie, & no butter involved. there are several steps. you have to marinate the meat in buttermilk overnight. they are coated in a rice flour mixture, which is KEY to the texture of these bad boys. they are first baked & then deep fried. the mixture they are tossed in features togarashi-japanese red pepper flakes.

do not substitue this for regular red pepper flakes. the taste is what makes these wings. they are SIGNATURE if you enjoy an alternative wing to the buffalo. they don’t resemble those in any way. the mixture the wings get tossed in is heavy on the fish sauce (the smell is almost off-putting to the asian food virgin), has a huge amount of honey, lots of fresh squeezed lime juice, togarashi & serrano peppers with the seeds left in, garlic & lots of fine chopped scallions. after bathing in this sweet & spicy sauce, they are covered in chopped mint & cilantro. the mint is genius to the balance of flavors. i suggest making this dish exactly as written. it’s the best wing recipe i have ever used.

this recipe comes from a division of tasting table emailed food related issues called “chefs recipes.” it’s from a izakaya (japanese tapas) restaurant in the mission district of san francisco nombe.