this is the previous post turned salad. i decided to research a blackening recipe because the tuna was now 2 days old & not safe to eat raw. i used a recipe for cajun style blackened halibut since i now own a cast iron skillet. what a great pan to own. super easy to do this. heat the pan very hot with oil, coat the steaks with the seasoning (it has fennel in it!), sear one minute each side, then put in oven at 400 for 8 minutes. really great seasoning mix-add extra cayenne if you like it more spicy. this batch is a bit mild.

it made me think…fish is so healthy & so easy to cook! i can’t afford hamachi tuna very often (at 22 bucks a pound) but other fish cost only a fraction. thing is, you have to cook it right away. buy it, cook it. wednesday is the green city market. it would be a good idea to pick up in-season asparagus & stop at the fish market on the way home from teaching yoga. wednesday is generally a kitchen day for me because i do not have to teach again in the evening.

look for near future fishy posts!